Welcome to the concretist!

For some 100 years, both decorative concrete and architectural concrete have been designed, defined, codified and critiqued primarily by architects and engineers, from a distance – a safe distance. We are The Visual Concrete Group–Western U.S. artists, with an original concept of sensory concrete, and we are closing that distance.

Sensory concrete embraces the innate qualities of concrete and the sweat and skill that helped create it.

Sensory concrete focuses on tapping the energy endemic to concrete design and construction, and revealing and interpreting its magic. It generates the desire to look, to approach, to look closer and to touch. There is an emphasis on finishes, and human proximity to those finishes.

Sensory concrete’s roots are with the artist and the artisan, those with a hands-on style and flair for finishes. The concretist is both skilled and intuitive, and our mission is to give the material a voice.