Mar 18

A New Hall-of-Famer… YIP-EEE!!!

by Mike Miller

I generally try to at least look like I’m not blowing-my-own-horn, but… There are times where if I don’t, who else will?  Last night, in Nashville, I was honored to be inducted into Concrete Decor’s “Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame”.  The one who actually deserved this was my long-suffering wife, Saint Jeannine…  HA!  But, this was not to be…

Humbled, I take my place beside other Nashville Hall-of-Famers:  Hank Sr., Hank Jr., Johnny, Kris, Waylon and, my look-a-like, Willie!!!  Actually, in this shot, I look a bit unrecognizable…  A bit strange!  Neen insisted that, last night, I shave, so, here, I look less like Willie and more, well, STRANGE!  More like seeeing Kris (Kristofferson, that is) without the beard…  A bit queeby!!!



Anyway, it was a great night!  Entertainment by American Idol winner, Reuben Studdard…  Mainly Mo-Town and standards, backed by a really hot jazz combo…  Nice!  I went backstage and he even autographed my award!




Cheers to my friend and fellow-inductee, Tom Ralston!!!  We join previous inductees like Buddy Rhodes, Fu-Tung Cheng and Bob Harris…  It feels great to be a small part of such a wonderful community!




Here’s an excerpt from John Strieder’s intro…

“Michael Miller
Michael Miller, “the concretist.” The names are synonymous.

The son of a cement salesman, Miller was exposed to the industry before he could speak. He has spent his entire career exploring the possibilities of what can be done with concrete-based materials, which has led him to collaborate with other artists so he could develop his own art through his work. He credits his success in the industry to his ability to look at concrete closer, longer and harder than most in the business.

Before founding his own company — The Concretist Inc. — in Benicia, Calif., in 1990, he worked for several others in the business, including L.M. Scofield Co. and Symons Corp. In subsequent ventures, he founded Sensory Concrete in 2003 in Clayton, Calif., along with his co-principal, Kelley Burnham. In this capacity, he developed the philosophy and genre of decorative concrete work known by that name.

Miller and his team of artisans have influenced the design community about the exciting possibilities afforded by decorative concrete. Through numerous high-profile projects around the world, they have demonstrated their unique design approach and brought their creative impulses to fruition, often creating their own tools to push the envelope on where people could go with new or existing concrete.

While he could be called a contractor or installer, the terms catalyst, provocateur and visionary would also sum him up. He has a way of aligning a company’s philosophy with its uniqueness of products and underscoring those attributes with concrete. He excels as a colorist.

Over the years, Miller has become increasingly interested in sharing his knowledge with others. He knows unexplored territory awaits concrete artisans everywhere and that sharing will help them conquer the unknown.”


I especially like being referred to a provocateur!  This is a badge that I’m most proud to wear!!!

My own comments, upon acceptance began (like Steve Martin in The Jerk)…

“I was born the son of a poor black share-cropper…  Strike that!  I was born the son of a poor white cement salesman.”

HA!  It was a lot of fun!  And Neen really does deserve the major award!!!



And, btw…

Nashville is one bitchin’ town!  I’d recommend it!!!  Amongst many other things, it even has it’s own concrete “Parthenon”!  Although, it does make me feel a bit insignificant…  HA!!!

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  1. Congrats Mike! Nice article. I always thought you’d be famous.
    Oh and by the way, “Saint Jeannine” is beautiful.

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