Mar 27

Agave Library, Phoenix, AZ – The Outside

by Mike Miller

AGAVE LIBRARY, PHOENIX, AZ by architect, Will Bruder + Partners


Just returned from the Concrete Décor Show, held in Phoenix, AZ. I gave the Monday afternoon “kick-off address” and Fu Tung Cheng and architect, Will Bruder gave the Monday morning “keynote”. I wasn’t able to attend but had heard about Bruder’s recent AGAVE LIBRARY, from my panel discussion participant, friend and fellow concretist, Steve Crocker. He presented me with a recent copy of Architectural Record with an article on the library and lots of great pics, and said we had to make a field trip! Here are a few of the pictorial results of that visit…

Notice low wall in front of facade and just behind sidewalk.

This wall appears to be constructed of recycled integrally colored demo’ed sidewalk pieces, retained in a rusted steel gabion (origin: gabbione, Italian meaning “big cage”)… Pretty cool, huh?

Another shot of the low wall and backside of the façade. Lots of rough and raw materials were used here… concrete, both cast-in-place and block, galvanized and rusted steel, loose stone, etc… Muy bueno!

A steel wall, allowed to patina as “it” sees fit.

Concrete block… notice the slight deviation in angles they were set at, in between the window slots. Subtle, but really cool!

Metal awning at entry… plays well against the clear blue sky!

COMING SOON… My next blog will feature the inside of AGAVE.

2 Responses to “Agave Library, Phoenix, AZ – The Outside”

  1. avatar Russ Miller says:

    Very cool architecture…The gabions were my favorite detail.

  2. avatar Mike Miller says:

    Yeah… The basic idea of a gabion is so neat… So efficient! And then to combine it with the rubble of a demolished, buff-colored, broom-finished concrete sidewalk makes it bonus cool! I betcha this use of the broom-finished concrete here is a whole helluva lot cooler than the original sidewalk! Perhaps this is a metaphor for my re-invention, now, as Mike Miller, 50+ guy? The next 50 (or whatever I may be granted) will also be… BONUS COOL!!!

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