Feb 14

Cool Sgraffino Floor At Ecco Mi…

by Mike Miller

A new “hard-surfaces” design showroom, in Petaluma
Representing the concretist and operated by Monica Binsfeld

Three coats of integrally-colored Sgraffino over cement backer board over wood. Sgraffino is in foreground. Slate is in back. Colors and textures were to have been related, with the scale of details in the Sgraffino larger than those in the slate. They work together but are certainly not the same… Slate is slate, and Sgraffino is Sgraffino! Note the herring-bone pattern in the slate repeated in larger format in the cementitious floor. Backer board was installed with 1/8” joint separations. These were filled through the Sgraffino troweling process, and encouraged to “ghost image” through.

Brenda and I installed a really cool floor, along with, and for, a really cool chick…

Monica Binsfeld, is a really talented, U.C. Davis educated, designer, with significant “hard-surfaces” experience.

I first met Monica when she interned with Gary Jones and I during an Pentimento overlay (skim-coat) installation, in the meditation room, in the San Francisco Asian Art Museum.
She already had a background in troweling similar materials vertically… Both lime-based and natural clay plasters. She had trained for these internationally, and was interested in exploring and adding Gary’s Colormaker line of products to her repertoire.

As the years went by, she focused primarily on the plasters… Increasing her skills, and gathering experiences… But, she never forgot Gary and I, the Colormaker products, and, of course, the unique and original sensory concrete style of the concretist.

December 2010: We are reacquainted. And Brenda and I help Monica install her floor at Ecco Mi, along The Petaluma River.

Ecco Mi’s design studio and “hard-surfaces” showroom is located at 224 Weller Street, Suite BB, Petaluma, California, in the historic waterfront district, along The Petaluma River.

Check-out West Petaluma Living,
and Monica’s site,
for more details.

A NATURAL PAIRING: Charcoal Sgraffino floor, by concretists, Mike and Brenda. Terra cotta-colored clay plaster wall by Ecco Mi, Monica Binsfeld.

Ecco Mi also features Sgraffino art by concretist artist/associate, Martin Webb, such as…

Martin’s art is available for purchase AND is dual-purpose, serving as wonderful color references for concretist floors, too!

Check-out Martin at,
and his newly completed public art installation, CONVERGE, through his own art site,

That’s all folks! Ecco Mi is Italian for “Here I Am!” and Ciao is Italian for “Good Bye!”

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