Mar 18

New Leaf Community Market, Half Moon Bay

by Mike Miller

And here’s yet another New Leaf Community Market, in lovely Half Moon Bay, California. This was the first one we did for New Leaf. This was a remodel, but of another old beat-up and vacant market. So, it was similar to new construction; however, we only had a three day weekend to complete our scope, approximately 15,000 square feet, from skimming through water-color art through sealing and application of floor finish… WHEW! In other words, a typical concretist project… NO PROBLEMA! These shots feature our renderings, the design process, the installation and the completed floor.

We were art-directed by Steve Crocker. This was our first New Leaf together (his and ours); however, we have a long and extensive mutual history with Whole Foods. Steve’s methods are unusual, to say the least! Here, there were no color references provided for each “area of emphasis”, other than a single word and a poem (authored by Mr. Crocker).

And, to be sure that we were both spontaneous and fresh, we didn’t receive them until the night before the installation. Here Kelley renders in the hotel room.

Kelley rendered in water-colors, so, here we install using a combination of Colormaker Deso Dyes and Aqua Colors in water (mostly), with really really big brushes!

The finished produce department… The idea here was a look that was hand applied, and not at all mechanical.

irregular edges and fields of color with watery bleeds… In Half Moon Bay, this is how we roll!

When you want the look of handmade craftsmanship, nothing beats a hand-trowled finish

Featuring New Leaf Community Market, Half Moon Bay, California,
by the concretist
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