Mar 10

New Leaf Community Market, Pacific Store

by Mike Miller

Here’s another New Leaf Community Market, their Pacific store. This was a remodel, installed late at night. The store was open and operated as per usual during normal business hours. These shots feature our simple rendering and design references, and the installation… process and circumstances.

Our rendering suggesting proposed patterns of organic strata.

The structural substrate we were working on was in awful shape, and our client wanted something that had fresh, yet organic qualities. This meant that a skim, or an overlay, was the correct material choice. We used Sgraffino, by Colormaker. Here is a reference shot illustrating our proposed installation process.

And another illustrating how our client could expect the result to look.

Here Kelley applies dye, against torn paper “strata” templates, over an already integrally colored Sgraffino overlay substrate. We used different Colorfast and Aqua Color pigments in multiple troweled applications against torn tape “strata” edges, too. This produced textural as well as colored strata.

And here is the finished floor, after dying, sealing and an application of water-based acrylic floor finish. You’ll notice the remodel process continues…

Again, art-direction was by Steve Crocker, of CDM Construction Management, and by Sarah Miles, Creative Director, New Leaf Community Market.

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