Mar 05

New Leaf Community Market, Westside Store

by Mike Miller

Our most recent market project, New Leaf Community Market, The Westside Store, in Santa Cruz, CA, opened not too long ago. All is not done, but most is. I was able to take a few pix on opening night. Here you are…

Jelly Bean Glass, exposed through washing, at right entry. Field is Sumatra
Colormaker Patina Stain over sweat finish.

Jelly Bean Glass detail. Circles represent pilings in a pier, as at The Wharf,
near The Boardwalk (Santa Cruz, CA).

“The Pier” continues from the front entry to the back of the store. Here, the
pilings are stylized through the placement of circular steel templates and by
sand-blasting the field.

This is in the “BLOOM” department, in the center of the store. It is another
“tweaked” version of “The Pier”, produced with more complicated “visually eroded”
plasma-cut steel templates, by artist, Brian Giambastiani.

This is the left hand side, back of the store. We’ve shifted to a “Sail Theme”.
These are based on a clipper ship and are an applied finish with Colormaker
Deso Dyes.

The “Sail Theme” continues, in the demonstration kitchen. This is a composition
which includes combinations of applied an impressed finishes. The sail with
battens was a “stamp” constructed of burlap and redwood by my partner,
Kelley Burnham, along with artist/seamstress, Emily McClintick. This was rolled
out and troweled into the fresh green concrete.

Another sculptural sail, at the left front entry of the store.

Finally, notice subtle template-blasted “reflection” of impressed sail, in this
composition at the left front entry.

We were fortunate to have been art-directed by Steve Crocker, of CDM Construction Management, and by Sarah Myles, Creative Director, New Leaf Market… Thanx, guys!!!

New Leaf Community Market, Santa Cruz, California
Contractor: Mike Miller, the concretist
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