Jan 25


by Mike Miller

Once again, I drive, Kelley flies. My trucks’s full of materials and equipment, her mind’s full of dangerous (but interesting) ideas. These pics are primarily hers. A quick re-cap, starting with the pour…

HUMAN POWER… No internal combustion engine here (other than one that had huevos y chorizo for breakfast)! No engine yet, but, thank God someone had invented the wheel!

Our massive cast-in-place pavers, Note the soon-to-be inlaid brass wave forms, temporarily protected with lacquer and blue tape.

Integrally-colored ¾” grout mix (approximately 60% sand/40% rock)… Our warmish “mud” in context.

Metal waves are reflected and visually deconstructed in amber glass. Place it, then, pound it in… Work those floats, boyz!!!

OK, back to the future, or, maybe, back to the present. In anycase, Kelley and I have spent the day staining our concrete. Darkness falls and now it’s time for Mike’s favorite part: the rinising.

No guy can resist a hose in his hands!


Next day… The dying. The sealing.

Just added a hint of black dye, over the neutral brown stain, over the warm, slightly reddish brown, integrally-colored concrete.

Washed sand-finished concrete contrasts nicely with smooth and shiny metal waves.

And fractured glass waves are a graphic counter-point to the brass.

Mike hosin’ (again)…

And Mike posin’ (again)!

All done!

And all done up close and personal. Mike’s got his hiking shoes on for scale and…

A few additional shots, of outdoor adventure and play-time, before headin’ home…

Late afternoon, Red Rock, with Spring Mountains as back-drop.

Vegas is always a surprise. The desert is too. Here, we’ve hiked up to “the tanks”. Plenty of water. And ice. See the whitish stuff on the right?
I’m at the top waving my arms… These are some BIG rocks!

Kel and another tank.

Really wild! Really peaceful!

Really thirsty!

Early evening. Headed back to Ed and Betty’s. That’s Vegas, lit-up, in the background.

Next morning. Kyle Canyon, at the base of Charleston.

Love the desert!!

Slot canyons… BITCHIN’!

Better get her to the airport, and I need to hit the road…

Back by job, to pick-up last of stuff. Noticed these signature sensory concrete walls… Just like God’s concrete walls in the slot canyons.


See ya again soon!

the concretist

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